Tipper | Game changing Social Media Platform


Hey guys.. How are you.. back again with Christina.. In this post I will discuss about the project called “TIPPER”, for more details let us continue below…
From the topic of the post i know you all will be wondering the possibility of earning from your contents on blockchain. From my research, here is a platform that has been created for that. Its called TIPPER!

“Tipper is a blockchain platform set revolutionized two-way peer-to-peer support platform that will incentives every user to monetize as part of a new social media experience”

Tipper is a blockchain and social media company which has decided to create a platform in which the users would be able to monetize the content that they create and be paid when many people like their posts. If you produce any kind of content and you wish to show it to the world, but you are not sure that people would pay for it, this platform can be the right idea for you to earn from those contents. In other words, It is the first decentralized social media platform established with two-way monetization. This next generation platform will balance the equation of monetization and benefits for all users by providing incentives on cultural tips; a platform that empowers and benefits the creators of popular content, common users and advertisers alike; a platform that harnesses the combined power of the people to bring about revolutionary change for individuals and collectives.

A platform that uses the collective power of the people to bring these revolutionary changes to the individual and the collective. Companies like Uber and Airbnb acknowledge the power to use people and resources (cars, rooms) have a hug in the future to bring massive monetary opportunities. These companies change the world because they create a way for the average person to generate more revenue. Tipper is a platform that empowers and rewards popular creators, general users and advertisers. The Tipper Platform will allow anyone to earn money from their online activities and earn more from life. So, Uber and Airbnb’s social media are becoming what managers and people’s goods are with savings rooms, but with content as a commodity for monetization by users.

✔️ 250,000+ micro-transcations/s(For YouTube-scale video(scale) decentralization)
✔️ 50,000+ transcations/s (For Tipping(Payments) on the blockchin)
✔️ Transcation level mining (Breaking The mining pools)
✔️ Multi-chain mining (Scalability)
✔️ Host Mining
✔️ Quality Of Service
✔️ Privacy


The users earns tips for for posting on the platform through likes, comments, views, up-votes. whenever a user post a content on the platform the followers will support him through their likes, comments, votes, views, of these quantity to financial gain giving the platform user the power to earn whereas disbursal their time on the social media


Tipper introduces the world to the epoch-making feature of Content InvestingTM. Tipper will be the world’s first Content Marketplace, where all users will be able to invest and earn from each other’s content. A revolutionary two-way monetization opportunity like no other.

EX- The platform allows good content creators to create contents and open it up for other platform user to invest in the content. This gives greater value to both the content creators and the investors. Let’s say Mr A created a content and Mr B invested in the content and Mr C and Mr D likes or vote on the content there by giving tips then Mr A will receive 90% of the tips income while 10% goes to Mr B.


Tip the moment. The world we live in is full of exciting and unforgettable moments — moments that we collectively share and celebrate. That game winning goal, that history-making performance. Now, for the first time ever, with Tipper, moments that bind millions, will earn millions. Tipper is now enabling the creators of those moments, and the people celebrating them, to monetize on them together by enabling users to tip these moments. These moments will be utilized to raise funds to buy revenue-generating assets for the people. Momentized revenue will go back into the Tipper Social EconomyTM, for peer-to-peer circulation. A new era of crowd funding that serves the people.


Brands spend billions of dollars advertising their product on social media and Tipper want to revolutionize the industry making the 100% of all ad revenue go back to users. This is made possible by the low cost of Tipper’s decentralized network.

Brands can buy ad space (eye traffic) and also get their money converted to Branded Tips (smart tips with a message) which they tip directly to the users they want to reach.

Tipper road map showed they started the idea of the project since 2015 though their road map didn’t highlight technical details or break down of what have been achieved but the road map due highlight their completion of bloackchain development back in 2017.

The first three stages have already been completed. but there’re three stages of 2018.

January — March : Selling tokens Tipper
February 2018 : Final Phase Development
September 2018 : Launch of the global decentralized platform

To invest in Tipper, you have to invest in the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) that the company is having right now. The pre-sale is currently happening and the main sale will go from February 21 until March 20, 2018.