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Hello everyone, Christina here… Mmm today i brought you about the most potential ICO in 2018.. It called “MERCULET”. Merculet is created to lead the transformation of turning the information-based internet into the value-based internet. So let’s find out..

What is “MERCULET”..?

The world is moving with full phase and making it more digitalize day by day. Right now even payment system has gone so far that it is no longer any problem not to have any physical currency. Because cryptocurrency or virtual currency is doing all and any payment is possible with it.

Merculet promises to manifest itself in our lives in two short years. And they have created a clear roadmap that includes a few key features that address the pains with the current information based platforms.

Merculet is made to go ahead the transformation of tuning the info based internet into the value-based internet. Merculet platform uses advanced block-chain tech to convert attention into a token to that personal user’s value can be identified precisely. User pays whole attention, corporate across the value of every user’s attention covert it to a part of corporate’s value chain and then gifted users accordingly.


Considering the main objective of Merculet is to use the power of the Blockchain technology to give value to the information generated by the user. This can be beneficial for businesses and users. In other words, the attention of the users will be tokenized through Merculet. Further Companies will continue to analyze the value associated with user care and provide them with the appropriate rewards on a regular basis.

For this initiative to be a success, Merculet will give life to a network of attention value. So this is enhanced by a unique system of evaluation of the user’s attention value, which is owned by the company. On the other hand this system uses a system of several tokens to capture the attention of users & ensure that the ecosystem works perfectly well.

The Merculet system uses a multi- token mechanism , with User Attention Tokens (UAT) and key tokens of the ecosystem, MVP. The focus of the main components of the project include:

  1. User attention value

Merculet makes the UAV (User Attention Value). Evolution method to scientifically measure the worth of user’s attention, an entrepreneur can easily access the user attention value system that can seamlessly integrate with usual reward point methods, via a set of public protocols.

2. Multi-Tier Architecture with Multi-Asset and Multi Chain

Technologically, this platform uses Multi-Tier architecture to level the performance of group internet users, a huge number of intermediate states and the act of the underlying open chain.

3. Attention value Network (AVN)

Merculet has built an AVN. It links both the supply & demand surfaces of attention with an open protocol system to promote a worthy circulation of the internet of value based. AVN consists of 3 core parts: user’s attention value assessment system, open content Platform, and User attention token.

4. User attention token

Merculet offers a full solution to support entrepreneurs matters User Attention Tokens (UATs) that is designated tokens for each and every entrepreneur. The user attention token will be anchoring the basic MVP token with various prices, enabling the synergy and the value adjusts among entrepreneurs.

5. Open content platform

Merculet has made an open content stage that’s based on consensus and driven by user attention tokens, becoming the sources of every user attention, and encouraging the entire users in the ecosystem to aggressively promote the positive cycle of the worldwide content ecosystem as members.

MVP Token Distribution

In terms of financial structure, the company has a token pay structure for private buyers 20% per month for 5 months with a 20% bonus, which also does not cause the shark to discharge when the sieve affects the price of many tokens. .

Volume: 10,000,000,000 MVP
(Finite supply. All MVP tokens pre-minted.)
Softcap: 10000 ETH
Hardcap: 31000 ETH
KYC Request for Private Sale and Public Sale

Private Sale : 16000 ETH
1 ETH = 105000 MVP (20% bonus)
Min Contributions : 150 ETH
Max Contributions : 1000 ETH
Vesting Period : 5 months (20% token released per month, starting from the token release)

Public Sale : 15000 ETH
1 ETH = 87500 MVP
Min Contribution : 0.1 ETH
Max Contributions : 5 ETH
No vesting period




  • Perfect User Attention Based Growth Methodology;
  • Design of Attention Value Network (AVN) System and Verification of POC;


  • MVP Token onboard;
  • Release AVN system β1 (including UAV system 1.0 & UAT system 1.0) & Application Market β1;
  • Content Open Platform Product Design;
  • At least one of the partners is onboard (ELEX), and finish testing for 15+ partners;


  • Release AVN system β2, Attention Purse β1 , UAT Application Market Version 1.1 & Open Content Platform β1;


  • Release Attention Purse β2 & Open Content Platform β2;
  • Support the exchange of between UATs;
  • AVN (User Attention Value Network) 1.0 onboard.



  • Content localization & internationalization;
  • Localization of product features;
  • To enrich MVP’s commercial applications and distribution scenarios (including offline);


  • Open Content Platform:
  • Consensus mechanism of application layer(R+POS), Reputation system, Community courts & Micro-tasking system onboard;
  • Underlying technology upgrade;


  • Underlying technology upgrade


  • Native Token & Smart Contract Early Support
  • “De-Merculet-lization” of all aspects of the ecosystem and advancement of health development for the community without Merculet participation


There are 10 team members in Merculet, almost all of them work in MagicWindow. In whitepaper their accomplishments are described quite flashy, but there is no proof of them neither on Linkedin nor in media. However, Linkedin in Asian countries is not as popular, so it does mean it’s not true.


As you can see, Merculet has done a tremendous job by capturing user attention. After capturing user attention, it has reorganized what was captured. Hence, content is made more valuable. There is a capital being built around the Blockchain as well. Due to all these reasons, Merculet will be having a prominent future. People will love to use Merculet to receive the rewards by providing their attention. Likewise, entrepreneurs and business owners will come to Merculet and gain access to user attention, which can assist them with taking the business endeavors to the next level.

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