Sapien | Take back control over your Social Experience

Hello guys, Chiristina again.. Today i am introduce you one of the most creative and revolutionary project among all others. It’s called “SAPIEN”. Let’s find out…


All the human beings who live out there in the world are dealing with the need to socialize. This can be considered as the main reason behind the popularity of prominent social media networks such as Instagram and Facebook. However, these social media networks are not in a position to offer a complete socialization experience to the people in need. That’s where Sapien Network comes into play. It has the ability to take human socialization into a whole new dimension with the assistance of Blockchain technology. Therefore, all the people who are looking forward to socialize will be provided with a promising future by Sapien Network.

  1. Privacy — Targeted advertising is profitable but inherently flawed because it exploits user data and infringes on user privacy.
  2. Free Speech — A fundamental principle that should be protected online with disruptive tools.
  3. Customizability — Each user should be able to tailor a social experience to their liking.
  • Subscriptions — Subscribe to branches to stay up to date with the latest posts from your friends and people around the world.
  • Friends, Groups, and Posts — Add friends, create groups, share posts, write comments, and expand your horizons.
  • Feature-rich Chat — Join text and voice channels with our powerful chat interface, which provides a more dynamic and engaging user experience.
  • Encryption — Protect your online privacy. Sapien protects your personal data and offers encrypted chat conversations.
  • Highly Customizeable — Every individual is unique. Have control over every feature and tailor your own social experience. …and much more

How does sapien works..?

Achieving the ideals of Sapien is hinged on rewarding millions of content creators without any third party to create a flexible platform for all users.

About Token Sale

  • Name - SPN Token
  • Platform -Ethereum
  • Accepting -ETH, BTC
  • Soft cap - 50000000 SPN
  • Hard cap - 30000 ETH
  • The pre-ICO begins on January 31, 2018 and ends February 15, 2018. The base rate for the pre-ICO includes a 20% bonus compared to the ICO. There is an additional bonus incentivizing large contribution amounts:
    > $250,000 = 25% bonus
    > $100,000 = 15% bonus
    > $50,000 = 7% bonus
    > $10,000 = 3% bonus
    There are a total of 10,000,000 tokens available during the presale, with no minimum goal. Presale tokens will be distributed once the ICO ends. The pre-ICO token price will be calculated closer to the pre-ICO.
  • Crowdsale begins on March 3, 2018 and ends April 3, 2018. There is a hard cap of $30,000,000, that if reached will end the ICO immediately. Ether, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through a integration are accepted as contribution. The final token price will be calculated closer to the start date of the ICO. The minimum goal is 50,000,000 SPN, which if not reached, will initiate a refund process. There is a bonus structure incentivizing early contribution that is as follows:
    > Day 1 : 15% bonus
    > Week 1 : 10% bonus
    > Week 2 : 3% bonus

Distribution Of Token

45% of SPN created during our token sale will be reserved for contributors who send ETH to the smart contract address.
  • 30% will go to our platform reserve which will be distributed to augment platform growth, distributed via Sapien, or burned to control inflation.
  • Up to 5% will be reserved for our bounty program, contingent on the total number of participants in the campaign.

SAPIEN Milestones

2015 Idea behind Sapien is conceived and development begins

The Sapien SPN Team

“The team is led by Ankit Bhatia and includes Robert Giometti, Martias Dorta, and Stefan Ionescu”.